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ESDEMC 科技有限公司条款(等待翻译)



All payments are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the buyer forfeits the ownership of any items purchased. If no payment is received, no items will be shipped.

Shipping Policies

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer in the amount agreed upon by the seller at the time of purchase. If an item is lost during shipping, the total cost of item, including shipping, will be refunded to the buyer by the seller. Shipping costs may increase significantly if shipping internationally. If an item is damaged during shipping, the buyer will not be held responsible.

If a buyer places an order greater than $1000 USD before shipping charges are calculated, then the buyer is also responsible for a shipping insurance fee of 1% of the order’s total value before adding any relevant shipping charges.


An item may be cancelled up until payment has been processed. Once payment has been processed, the buyer is responsible for payment.

 Refund/Return Policy

A. Product Eligibility

Products may be eligible for return to ESDEMC Technology LLC under the following conditions:

      1. When the product has been ordered by the customer in error, the following types of products are NOT eligible for return:-       Custom products (i.e, products designed, manufactured or configured to meet specific customer requirements);-       Repair parts that are flagged by ESDEMC Technology LLC as non-returnable; and

        –       Products with expired shelf life.

      2. When there is an ESDEMC Technology LLC error associated with the product, including the following:-     the Customer receives a product different from the product ordered;-     the Customer receives a product damaged in transit; or

        –     the customer receives a “DOA” (dead on arrival) product

      3. Any product that is identified as eligible for return by ESDEMC Technology LLC and has been purchased within the last 30 days.

B.  Product Return Charges

    1. For returns based on customer error, ESDEMC Technology LLC may at its discretion charge 15% of the net purchase price of the product as a return/restocking fee.  If a return fee is charged, it may be deducted from the return credit to the customer.

    2. For returns based on customer error where the customer has operated the product, ESDEMC Technology LLC may at its discretion charge an additional fee of 15% of the net purchase price of the product for the refurbishment of the product. If a refurbishment fee is charged, it may be deducted from the return credit to the customer.
  • For returns based on customer error, the customer will pay return freight charges to a location specified by ESDEMC Technology LLC.

  • For returns based on error by ESDEMC Technology LLC, ESDEMC Technology LLC will pay return freight charges and the customer will not be charged any return/restocking or refurbishment fees.


C.  Release of Credit

Credit memorandums over $500 USD (or the local currency equivalent) will not be issued to the customer until the product has been physically received by ESDEMC Technology LLC.  In its discretion, ESDEMC Technology LLC may provide credit memorandums under $500 USD to the customer prior to product receipt.

Credit memorandums are calculated as follows: the original invoice amount less any of the charges listed in Section (B) above. Post-invoice price changes to said product, both decreases and increases, will not affect the credit calculation.

Credit memorandums will be issued to customers within 15 working days from the date said product has been physically received by ESDEMC Technology LLC.

D. Initiating a Return

To initiate a return, you will need to retrieve your order number. It will be included on the order’s receipt, and can also be found on your online account’s Orders page. Call or email us with the order number, the product you wish to return, and why you are returning it.

If your product is eligible for return (as described in the relevant section of these Terms and Conditions), we will provide instructions on how to return the item. Once we have received the item and determined that no other fees are necessary, credit memorandums will be issued, as described in the relevant section of these Terms and Conditions.


Pricing Policy

Repair prices after 1-year warranty is $100 USD/hour plus parts. ESDEMC Technology LLC offers 1-hour free evaluation, diagnosis, and estimate. No service will be performed unless authorized by the customer.

During the time of repair, the customer can request a free demo unit if needed.

Special Order

Any special order requests for parts that we do not carry or have in stock will have to be purchased through a third party vendor. Special order parts generally take anywhere from 3-10 business days.

We are not liable for any shipping delays or defective parts that are sent to us from the vendor. We will do our best to meet the customers’ requirements but we cannot control third party vendors. There will be no discounts over the misinterpretation or misunderstanding of this policy. ESDEMC Technology LLC will not accommodate special orders if the delivery of your device or part is time sensitive.

Warranty Policy

Services provided by ESDEMC Technology LLC come with a 1-year labor and parts warranty. The warranty will be voided if there is any evidence of improper handling, improper use, physical damage, water damage, or tampering. ESDEMC Technology LLC is not responsible for any additional damages discovered that were not noted prior to service and any software related issues prior, during, and after repair. There are no refunds on repairs or accessory sales.

There will be no returns on any labor extensive repairs unless approved by a manager.


We accept returns for damage or defective accessories within 30 days and with receipt only. We will charge a 15% restocking fee on any parts used and return for any other reason. There will be no returns on any labor extensive repairs unless approved by a manager.


Any complaints about items or sellers may be sent to our support team: [email protected] or (573) 202-6411. ESDEMC Technology LLC will respond within 24 hours during business hours

The seller is not responsible for any health or safety concerns once the buyer has received the item. If any harm is incurred from the items purchased by the buyer, the seller shares no responsibility.

These terms and conditions are subject to change. It is the buyer’s responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically and become aware of modifications.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

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TR002 PV模块二极管TLP测试报告

SEM image of die surface from ESD damaged PV bypass diode sample, melted metal and silicon observed

PDF版本下载: TR002_PV Module Diodes TLP Test Report

太阳能电池阵列中安装的旁路和阻塞二极管对潜在的静电放电(Electrostatic Discharge, ESD)事件非常敏感。该报告阐述了PV模块二极管ESD失效机理,给出了测试和分析该类二极管ESD失效的有效方法。报告提供了太阳能阵列制造商所提供的几种型号二极管的测试方法和结果,用于演示该测试方法的有效性。

(Wei Huang, Jerry Tichenor, Yingjie Gan, David Pommerenke)

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发射功率, Pt  W
发射天线增益, Gt  dBi
接收天线增益, Gr  dBi
接收功率, Pr  W
距离, meters
频率 kHz
波长, λ  meters
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Schematic of Pi Attenuator 衰减倍数: dB
输入阻抗: Ohm
输出阻抗: Ohm
R1 Ohm
R2 Ohm
R3 Ohm
E12 数值 E12 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E24 数值 E24 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E48 数值 E48 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E96 数值 E96 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E192 数值 E192 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm



Schematic of T Attenuator 衰减倍数: dB
输入阻抗: Ohm
输出阻抗: Ohm

R1 Ohm
R2 Ohm
R3 Ohm
E12 数值 E12 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E24 数值 E24 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E48 数值 E48 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E96 数值 E96 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
E192 数值 E192 效果
R1 Ohm 衰减倍数 dB
R2 Ohm Zin Ohm
R3 Ohm Zout Ohm
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电压驻波比 <=> 反射损耗 <=> 反射系数转换器


反射损耗:  dB
反射系数( S11 ):
电压驻波比: :1

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LC 震荡计算器









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瓦特(Watts) <> 毫瓦分贝(dBm )<> 伏特(Volts )转换器

该计算器可将瓦特(watts), 毫瓦分贝(dBm), 伏特(volts) 和  dBmV 互相转换。


阻抗(Ω):  50Ω 常见于射频和微波系统
75Ω 常见于电视和视频系统
600Ω 常见于音频系统
瓦特 (W):
V峰值: 假定为正弦波
V峰-峰值: 假定为正弦波
dBmV:  1mV 均方根值 对应dB值. 常用于有线电视系统,并且仅对 75Ω 系统有效。


dBm mW 注释
  0   1 精确值,根据dBm的定义
  3   2 3 dBm实际为1.995 mW。对于绝大多数实际应用来说,这个近似值就足够了
 10  10 精确值
 +3  X 2 功率增加3 dBm 等同于瓦数乘以2 (实际是 1.995,近似值对于绝大多数实际应用是可以的)
+10 X 10 功率增加10 dBm 等同于瓦数乘以10,为精确值

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ESDEMC 公司项目开发能力

ESDEMC 科技有限责任公司是一家高科技公司,专门从事测试、测量产品和服务的开发和制造。我们的团队在高压,高频,复杂系统等极具挑战性的领域有丰富的开发经验。


1 . 高速模拟和数字模块或系统设计

2.  单片机/ DSP/ FPGA / 编程

3.  40GHz高频电路和系统开发

4. 300kV 高压电路和系统设计

5. LABVIEW / MATLAB / Visual C++/ Visual Basic 编程项目

6. 机械设计,数控加工, 快速成型,  3D打印

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PB2016.02 PV模块二极管的ESD失效分析及TLP测试方法

下载 PDF – PV模块二极管的ESD失效分析及TLP测试方法

安装在太阳能电池阵列中的旁路和阻塞二极管是太阳能电池系统功率的重要保证。然而,这些二极管对于潜在的静电放电(ESD)时间非常敏感。这些静电放电时间可能发生在太阳能光电池(PV)阵列的生产,运输,和现场安装过程中。PV模块质量保证国际论坛 [1] 的设立是为了研究PV模块的稳定性,其中的第4工作小组负责研究测试用于PV阵列二极管的ESD鲁棒性,以及如何提高PV阵列性能。

本文阐述了二极管ESD失效背后的原理,介绍测试和分析二极管的有效方法。 文中给出了太阳能阵列制造商所提供的几种型号二极管的测试方法和结果,以说明该测试方法的有效性。


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PB2015.12 瞬态静电放电模拟器的系统级模型

 下载 PDF – 瞬态静电放电模拟器的系统级模型

摘要— 论文介绍了一种改进的静电放电系统级瞬态模型,通过比较模型和IEC 61000-4-2 静电枪对实际产品放电的测试结果,讨论验证了该模型的正确性。该系统模型为大电流宽带(至3 GHz)模型,由电阻,电感,电容,铁氧体磁珠,二极管和集成电路IO管脚构成。复杂回流路径的模拟是实现系统在IEC激励下有正确响应的关键点。模型还包含了有能量限制的时间依赖的IC损伤模型。论文引入了功率-时间积分方法,用于准确判断当注入一个任意波形时,结点是否会发生热失效 。该方法不需要知道结点的微观结构,材料信息,缺陷位置,或熔融温度。

索引 — 共模,电磁兼容 (EMC), 静电放电 (ESD), 人体金属模型 (HMM), IEC 61000-4-2, 系统有效ESD 设计(SEED), 传输线脉冲 (TLP).

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传输线脉冲 (TLP) 测试

传输线脉冲测试,或TLP测试,是半导体静电放电保护结构特性的一种测试方法。在传输线脉冲测试中,通过对一根特定长度的同轴线依次加压,向测试引脚(pin under test, PUT)注入大电流脉冲。注入脉冲的电流幅值和持续时间表征人体模型(HBM)事件(或充电器件模型-CDM事件,对应超快TLP,或VF-TLP)。通过测量入射波和反射波,计算电压-电流(V-I)曲线,来描述ESD保护结构在TLP应力作用时的响应特性。传输线脉冲 测试是独特的,因为电流脉冲是安培量级的,并且TLP测试结果可以显示ESD保护结构的开启,回滞,保持特性。


TLP 测试是根据ESDA TLP 测试方法, ESDA SP5.5-2014来实施的.


  • ESDA SP5.5-2014 (ESD 委员会)
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TS002 基于TLP方法的电缆放电事件(CDE)自动化评估系统

下载PDF- Cable Discharge Event (CDE) Automated Test System Based on TLP Test Method

什么是CDE ? 电缆放电事件 (Cable Discharge Event ,CDE) 是电缆接头的金属部分和被接电缆接口或插口金属部分之间的静电放电。它是我们日常生活中非常常见的一种静电放电。



MUX代表复用器(Multiplexer), 用户可使用它,搭配我们的ES62X系列TLP系统(我们的首个 TLP-MUX设计方案可实现32管脚的自动化测试)进行多种设备的自动化测试。因此,该系统可实现不同线缆接口设计,例如USB,HDMI,VGA,DVI等接口的ESD可靠性测试和数据分析。

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Wei Huang

Wei Huang


Wei Huang
Wei Huang


Wei Huang于 2010年获得密苏里科技大学电子工程硕士学位,于2007年获得北京邮电大学电子工程学士学位。他曾在密苏里科技大学电磁兼容实验室任研究助理,主要方向为电磁兼容,静电,以及射频设计。他是ESDEMC科技有限公司的创始人及董事长,现在致力于ESD和EMC的创新测试方案研发。

iNARTE 认证的电磁兼容工程师

Wei Huang has been an iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer from 2009 (The youngest iNARTE EMC Engineer, 23 years old )

2009年,Wei Huang 成为 iNARTE 认证的EMC工程师(最年轻的 iNARTE EMC 工程师, 23 岁)


  • 密苏里科技大学 (前密苏里州立大学罗拉分校), 美国, 电子工程硕士, 2010.
  • 北京邮电大学,中国,电子工程学士, 2007.


  • 2010年 – 至今       ESDEMC科技有限公司创始人,董事长
  • 2009年夏              苹果公司,硬件工程师,便携系统EE组
  • 2007年 – 2010年  研究助理,密苏里科技大学(前密苏里州立大学罗拉分校)EMC实验室
  • 2005年 – 2007年  北京HJH S&T责任有限公司硬件设计工程师,产品设计组


  1. W Huang , J Dunnihoo , D Pommerenke, “Effects of TVS Integration on System Level ESD Robustness”, 2010 International EOS/ESD Symposium, Reno, NV, USA, Oct. 3 – 8
  1. W Huang, D Liu, J Xiao, D Pommerenke J Min, G Muchaidze, “Probe Characterization and Data Process for Transient Current Reconstruction by Near Field Scanning Method”, 2010 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Beijing, China, Apr. 12 – 16
  1. Xiao, D. Liu, D. Pommerenke, W Huang, P. Shao, X. Li, J. Ming, G. Muchaidze, “Near Field Probe for Detecting Resonances in EMC Application”, EMC COMPO 2009, 7th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits, Nov. 17 – 19
  1. W.Huang, D. Pommerenke, J. Xiao, D. Liu, J. Ming, G. Muchaidze, S. Kwon, “A Measurement Technique for ESD Current Spreading on A PCB using Near Field Scanning”, Present on 2009 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, Austin, Texas, Aug. 17 – 21
  1. M. Giorgi, W. Huang, M. Jin, P. Shao, D. James , D. Pommerenke, “Automated Near-Field Scanning to Identify Resonances”, EMC Europe 2008, Hamburg, Germany, Sep. 8-1
  2. W. Huang, M. Jin, P. Shao, D. James , D. Pommerenke, “Automated Near-Field Scanning to Identify Resonances”, EMC Europe 2008, Hamburg, Germany, Sep. 8-1
  3. W. Huang, J Tichenor, D. Pommerenke, V. Pilla, P. Maheshwari, G. Maghlakelidze, “An Ethernet Cable Discharge Event (CDE) test and measurement system”, 2014 IEEE International Symposium on EMC, North Carolina, Raleigh, Aug. 3 – 8


  1. David Pommerenke, 密苏里科技大学电磁兼容实验室教授
  2. Jerry Tichenor, Fredric Stevenson, ESDMEC科技有限公司产品设计部成员


  • David Pommerenke教授



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David Pommerenke

David Pommerenke


David Pommerenke
David Pommerenke

技术顾问, IEEE 会士  

Pommerenke教授自ESDEMC公司创办即为公司的技术顾问。 他在静电放电(ESD)和电磁兼容(EMC)方面的渊博知识极大的帮助了我们的团队,指导了公司许多产品的设计和研发工作。


  • 柏林科技大学,德国,电子工程博士,1995.
  • 柏林科技大学,德国,电子工程学士,1989.


  • 2008年 – 至今,     美国密苏里科技大学,电子计算机工程学院,教授
  • 2001年 – 2008年,美国密苏里科技大学,电子计算机工程学院,助理教授
  • 1996年 – 2001年, 美国Hewlett Packard公司,电磁兼容研究和测试工程师
  • 1995年 – 1996年,  德国柏林科技大学,博士后
  • 1990年 -1995年,   德国柏林科技大学,高电压动力工程学院,助理研究员


  1. Ghasr, Mohammad Tayeb, Mohamed A. Abou-Khousa, Sergey Kharkovsky, R. Zoughi, and David Pommerenke. “Portable real-time microwave camera at 24 GHz.” Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on, 2012, 60, no. 2, pp. 1114-1125.
  2. Fallahpour, M., M. Baumgartner, A. Kothari, M.T. Ghasr, D. Pommerenke and R. Zoughi, “Compact Ka-Band One-Port Vector Reflectometer using a Wideband Electronically-Controlled Phase-Shifter,” IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, October 2012, Vol. 61, no. 10, pp. 2817-2826
  3. Bishop, J. A.; Pommerenke, D. J.; Chen, G., ‘,A Rapid-Acquisition Electrical Time-Domain Reflectometer for Dynamic Structure Analysis ‘, IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, 2011, Vol. 60/2 pp. 655-661,
  4. Muchaidze, G., Jayong Koo, Qing Cai, Tun Li, Lijun Han, Martwick, A., Kai Wang, Jin Min, Drewniak, J.L., Pommerenke, D., “Susceptibility Scanning as a Failure Analysis Tool for System-Level Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Problems”, IEEE Trans. EMC, May 2008, Vol 50, No. 2, pp.268-276
  5. Koo, J., Cai, Q.; Muchaidze, G.,Martwick, A., Wang, K.; Pommerenke, D., “Frequency-Domain Measurement Method for the Analysis of ESD Generators and Coupling”, IEEE Trans. EMC, 49/3, August 2007, pp.504-511


  • Tianqi Li; Maeshima, J.; Shumiya, H.; Pommerenke, D.J.; Yamada, T.; Araki, K, “An application of utilizing the system-efficient-ESD-design (SEED) concept to analyze an LED protection circuit of a cell phone”, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), 2012 IEEE International Symposium on, August 2012, pp. 346-350
  • Khilkevich, V.; Pommerenke, D.; Li Gang; Xu Shuai, “An inductive probe for the measurement of common mode currents on differential traces”, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), 2012 IEEE International Symposium on, 2012, pp. 720-724
  • Jianmin Zhang; Drewniak, J.L.; Pommerenke, D.J.; DuBroff, R.E.; Zhiping Yang; Wheling Cheng; Fisher, J.; Camerlo, S.; “Signal link-path characterization up to 20 GHz based on a stripline structure”, IEEE Int. Symp. on EMC, 2006 14-18 Aug. Vol. 2, pp.356-361
  • Bhargava, A.; Pommerenke, D.; Kam, K.W.; Centola, F.; Cheng Wei Lam; , “DC-DC Buck Converter EMI Reduction Using PCB Layout Modification,” Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on , Vol.53, no.3, pp.806-813, Aug. 2011
  • Abou-Khousa, M.A.; Ghasr, M.T.; Kharkovsky, S.; Pommerenke, D.; Zoughi, R.; , “Modulated Elliptical Slot Antenna for Electric Field Mapping and Microwave Imaging,” Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on , Vol.59, no.3, March 2011, pp.733-741


  • IEC TC77b标准 美国代表
  • IEEE EMC协会成员, TC-9, 计算电磁学
  • EMC EOS/ESD研讨会,编辑委员(1996 – 2000)
  • 欧洲EMC协会,编辑委员,2002
  • IEEE, 电磁兼容协会,电介质与绝缘协会成员

协作者 & 其他成员


  • Daryl Beetner, James L. Drewniak, Richard E. DuBroff, and David Pommerenke, 密苏里科技大学电磁兼容实验室教授
  • Bruce Archambeault, 杰出工程师, IBM, 北卡罗莱纳;
  • Brice Achkir, 杰出工程师, Cisco, 加利福利亚;


  • 硕士: Prof. Dr.-Ing Wilfried Kalkner.
  • 博士: Prof. Dr.-Ing W. Wilfried Kalkner.