TR001 VF-TLP Performance of PIN-Limiter Diodes

Download or View in pdf: TR001_VF-TLP Performance of PIN-Limiter Diodes

The objective is to test the Pin-limiter diodes for their ESD performance. The end application for these diodes will be decided by diode parameters like the turn on voltage, dynamic resistance, diode capacitance and survival current. Based on these parameters the diodes can be chosen for ESD protection application suitable for the lab instruments.

The pin-limiter diodes were bought from different manufacturers like Cobham, Skyworks, Microsemi and Avago. These diodes were soldered in reverse bias orientation from the trace to ground on the evaluation PCB’s. They were first tested for their frequency response and then they were tested for the ESD performance using the VF-TLP setup. The results of these diodes measurements are shown in the subsequent sections of this report.



by Shubhankar Marathe, Jerry Tichenor, David Pommrenke, Wei Huang