PB2016.02 ESD Failure Analysis of PV Module Diodes and TLP Test Methods

Download PDF – ESD Failure Analysis of PV Module Diodes and TLP Test Methods

Bypass diodes inserted across the strings of the solar panel arrays are essential to ensure the efficiency of the solar power system. However, those diodes are found to be susceptible to potential electrostatic discharge (ESD) events in the process of solar photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacture, transportation, and on-site installation. Please refer to [1], where an International PV Module Quality Assurance Forum has been set up to investigate PV module reliability, and Task Force 4 has been setting guidelines for testing the ESD robustness of diodes used to enhance PV panel performance.

This article explains the theory behind the ESD damage and the proper test and analysis methods for ESD failure of diodes. To demonstrate the proposed testing methodology that follows, we will be evaluating six different types of diode models as supplied by our customer, who manufactures solar panel arrays.

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