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TS005 Characterization of TVS Diodes for ESD Protection Applications

Download Characterization of TVS Diodes for ESD Protection Applications (PDF)

TVS devices are designed to protect sensitive electronics from the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD). During normal operating conditions, TVS devices appear to be an open circuit (with small leakage current). Under stress conditions, these devices turn on, providing a low impedance path to the transient current. The voltage across the protected circuit is restricted to the clamp voltage of the TVS diode.

This technical slides introduced a typical methods to characterize TVS diodes:
1. VF-TLP characteristics:
(a) Transient waveforms; (b) IV curve & Turn on time; (c) Turn on voltage; (d) Dynamic resistance; (e) Clamping voltage; (f) Failure threshold
2. Effect on signal integrity
(a) Capacitance; (b) package inductance; (c) Insertion loss;
3. ESD generator contact mode behavior