ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software

ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software

The ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software provides a versatile and automatic Pulsed IV test capability with a variety of failure detection methods built in. The software utilizes adaptive gain control to automatically adjust the oscilloscope scale parameters to obtain the best measurement pulse resolution. During a Pulse IV test the DUT performance can be monitored by DC Spot Check (Leakage Current), Pulse Failure (Fuse or Snapback Behavior), Exceed DUT Voltage/Current, and Bias Failure. The software also allows for manual operation of the Pulse Generator, Source Meter Unit, and the Oscilloscope, and can measure a Static IV curve. The Analyze feature of the software allows for simultaneous viewing of four sets of data.

We have 2 software developments, one based on LabVIEW and another based on Python.

Key Features of ES62X-SW

  • Built in Pulsed IV Test Stop Criteria: DC Spot Check (Leakage Current), Pulse Failure (Fuse or Snapback Behavior), Exceed DUT Voltage / Current, Bias Failure
  • Unlimited Pulsed Voltage Sweep ranges, with step size selection
  • Multiple Leakage Current measurement points, testing either or both the polarities, and with the option of averaging measurements
  • Multi Pulse Stress
  • Analyze Feature with: IV Time Trajectory, Energy, Transient Resistance versus Time and Voltage, and SOA Data inspection plots
  • Manual control over: Pulse Generator, Oscilloscope, Source Meter Unit, and Static IV measurement capability

How to Install

Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP


Supported Instruments

  • ES620-25, ES620-50, ES620-100
Date Version Updates
2020-06-09 DataAnalysis 0.8.6 for win


Data Analysis:


  1. Default leakage plotting style changed
  2. Harmonics test data can now be plotted
  3. GUI adapts to the type of test file loaded
  4. Changed program name
2020-04-29 DataAnalysis 0.8.5 for win


DataAnalysis 0.8.5 for mac

Data Analysis:


  1. Added “generate CDM current plot” feature which allows charge transfer to be plotted


DataAnalysis 0.8.4 for win

DataAnalysis 0.8.4 for mac

Test Automation:


  1. Support Bias Measurement with 2400 & 2450
  2. Support Leakage Measurement with 2602A
  3. Fixed Default Settings Saving Bug

Data Analysis:

  1. Added a safe operating area plot feature to the new “Analysis” tab
  2. Changed the legend for CDM plots to be more descriptive
2020-03-09 DataAnalysis 0.8.3 for win


DataAnalysis 0.8.3 for mac

Data Analysis:


  1. Fixed bug in the static IV leakage plotting
  2. Allow for negative values to be plotted for linear scaling in static IV plot