ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software

ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software

The ES62X-SW Pulsed IV System Software provides a versatile and automatic Pulsed IV test capability with a variety of failure detection methods built in. The software utilizes adaptive gain control to automatically adjust the oscilloscope scale parameters to obtain the best measurement pulse resolution. During a Pulse IV test the DUT performance can be monitored by DC Spot Check (Leakage Current), Pulse Failure (Fuse or Snapback Behavior), Exceed DUT Voltage/Current, and Bias Failure. The software also allows for manual operation of the Pulse Generator, Source Meter Unit, and the Oscilloscope, and can measure a Static IV curve. The Analyze feature of the software allows for simultaneous viewing of four sets of data.

We have 2 software developments, one based on LabVIEW and another based on Python.

Key Features of ES62X-SW

  • Built in Pulsed IV Test Stop Criteria: DC Spot Check (Leakage Current), Pulse Failure (Fuse or Snapback Behavior), Exceed DUT Voltage / Current, Bias Failure
  • Unlimited Pulsed Voltage Sweep ranges, with step size selection
  • Multiple Leakage Current measurement points, testing either or both the polarities, and with the option of averaging measurements
  • Multi Pulse Stress
  • Analyze Feature with: IV Time Trajectory, Energy, Transient Resistance versus Time and Voltage, and SOA Data inspection plots
  • Manual control over: Pulse Generator, Oscilloscope, Source Meter Unit, and Static IV measurement capability

How to Install

Operating System

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP


Supported Instruments

  • ES620-25, ES620-50, ES620-100
Date Version Updates

DataAnalysis 0.9.3 for win

Test Automation:
  1. Updated voltage control

Data Analysis:

  1. Support more data formats
2020-08-12 DataAnalysis 0.8.9 for win


DataAnalysis 0.8.9 for mac

Data Analysis:
  1. Default leakage plotting style changed
  2. Harmonics test data can now be plotted
  3. GUI adapts to the type of test file loaded
  4. Changed program name
  5. Added capacitance plotting
  6. By default, transient data is not plotted making for faster plotting
2020-04-29 DataAnalysis 0.8.5 for win


DataAnalysis 0.8.5 for mac

Data Analysis:


  1. Added “generate CDM current plot” feature which allows charge transfer to be plotted


DataAnalysis 0.8.4 for win

DataAnalysis 0.8.4 for mac

Test Automation:


  1. Support Bias Measurement with 2400 & 2450
  2. Support Leakage Measurement with 2602A
  3. Fixed Default Settings Saving Bug

Data Analysis:

  1. Added a safe operating area plot feature to the new “Analysis” tab
  2. Changed the legend for CDM plots to be more descriptive
2020-03-09 DataAnalysis 0.8.3 for win


DataAnalysis 0.8.3 for mac

Data Analysis:


  1. Fixed bug in the static IV leakage plotting
  2. Allow for negative values to be plotted for linear scaling in static IV plot