ES621 TLP IV-Curve System [Obsolete]

Please Note:

Model ES621 will be obsolete from 2016, Model ES620 Pulsed IV-Curve TLP System will have all of the capabilities of the current ES621 system except the removal of front panel control. Another model TLP-1000 with a touch panel user interface and SCPI Command Support will be released in 2016 to replace the model ES621 Pulse Generator. Please contact us at  for the latest updates.




  • Ultra-High Current Injection up to 200A TLP, 30kV HMM
  • Dynamic IV-curve test with LABVIEW analysis software
  • High quality TLP/VF-TLP/HMM pulses
  • Advanced automatic failure detection methods including leakage test, static IV, fuse, and spark.  Customization Available
  • Generator stand-alone modes: single, sequence, repeat, remote
  • 7 programmable rise-time selections from 60 ps to 50 ns
  • 7 programmable pulse-width selections from 1 ns to 3200 ns
  • All specifications are highly customizable.


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The ES621 series Dynamic IV-Curve Test System is an advanced IV-curve characterization system designed to simulate ESD events (TLP/VF-TLP/HMM pulse), and monitor a device (semiconductors, circuit modules, etc.) in high power time domain.

The TLP (transmission line pulse) test function is designed to meet ANSI/ESD STM5.5.1-2014 test standards and offers high quality rectangular pulses to devices while recording both current and voltage through the device.  This gives a pulsed VI curve that allows users to characterize the device’s transient response in nanosecond time windows.  Advanced automatic device failure detection methods, such as leakage testing, static IV curve, and fuse and spark, are incorporated.

The VF-TLP test function is designed to simulate the CDM speed ESD event and captures the voltage across DUT and current through DUT under very high speeds (around 100ps rise-time).  This allows the user to study the response speed and peak clamping voltage of a device.

The HMM (human metal model) test function is an alternative test method to IEC61000-4-2 system level ESD.  It gives equivalent waveform to an ideal standard waveform for low Ohm devices and eliminates many IEC gun test problems, such as repeatability, imprecise gun tip, impedance mismatch, EMI interferences from unshielded relays, and special set-up with large ground planes and coupling planes, for component or wafer level tests.

This system features completely software controlled and customizable rise-time and pulse width selection, great compatibility with IVI instruments, compact size, and an affordable price.



  • Wafer level ESD testing
  • PCB/package level ESD testing
  • System/circuit ESD testing
  • Safe Operation Area (SOA) testing
  • Charge recovery time testing
  • Differential ESD pulse injection
  • Touchscreen ITO trace fuse testing
  • Touchscreen ITO trace spark testing
  • TLP pulse current injection meets and exceeds ANSI/ESD STM 5.5.1-2014
  • VF-TLP pulse current injection meets and exceeds ANSI/ESD SP5.5.2-2007
  • HMM pulse current injection equivalent to IEC61000-4-2 waveform for low Ohm devices


TLP/VF-TLP Specifications:

  • Fastest rise time ≤60ps (not available at high current model)
  • Maximum injection current:  200A into short/100A into 50 Ohm (not available at fast rise-time)
  • Options of manual control rise-time selections from 0.5ns to 50ns
  • Options of manual control pulse-width selections from 2ns to 100ns, additional extension box up to 500ns
  • Pulse voltage control in 1V steps


Pulse Generator Specifications:

  • Integrated precision high voltage supplies with maximum 10kV charge line voltage
  • Operation modes: single, sequence, repeat, and remote


HMM Specifications:

  • Up to equivalent IEC standard current injection for short circuit DUT
  • First peak rise-time 700 ~ 1000 ps


Support and Services:

  • 2 Year Factory Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Software Upgrades Available
  • Hardware Upgrades Available


Optional Accessories:

  • A6210 IV-Curve Software
  • A6211 Switchable HV Rise-Time Filter
  • A6212 Transmission Line Extension Unit
  • A621-PPL Programmable Pulse Length Options
  • A621-HMMA HMM Pulse Model Option
  • A621-LT Leakage Measurement Options
  • ES651 Differential ESD Injection and V/I Measurement Probing System

Customized Set-Up Available