Device Level ESD Solutions

ESDEMC Technology LLC offers top specification Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Solutions. Our design team has over 20 years experience with tough high voltage and high frequency designs.

Our system designers have developed many TLP systems from 2001 and our TLP system design has been refined several generations. We also designed, manufactured and repaired TLP units for other companies. Over the years. We can specially customize ultra-high voltage TLP systems up to 60 kV for Military EMP generators, vf-TLP systems with very fast rise-time ( 60 ps ) and high bandwidth measurement (up to 10 GHz with digital compensation), and very high standard 100 ns TLP up to 200 A. We have built many innovative TLP system designs that are far beyond what the popular commercial TLP system capability was in the year 2014.

Our latest generation of TLP systems (ES620 and the coming ES622) are designed to be more compact, powerful and function expandable. We will start to offer TLP systems that cover more test standards, including vf-TLP, HBM, HMM, LV-Surge. etc…

Our system is developed to meet the test standards below :
ANSI/ESD STM5.5.1-2014 – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitivity Testing – Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) – Component Level
ANSI/ESD SP5.5.2-2007 – Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitivity Testing – Very Fast Transmission Line Pulse (VF-TLP) – Component Level
ANSI/ESD SP5. 6-2009 – Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing – Human Metal Model (HMM) – Component Level
ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2014 – Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing – Human Body Model (HBM) – Component Level.

ESDEMC’s TLP system is comparable to TLP systems from HPPI (High Power Pulse Instrument), Thermo Fisher ScientificBarth Electronics, Grund Technical SolutionsHanwa, etc… A summary of TLP system comparison between ESDEMC ES620 series and few other competitors can be viewed at ESDEMC_TLP_System_Comparison.

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