New Release: CT-002 Series Wideband Current Probes

ESDEMC Technology is releasing a line of current transformers with the latest releases being the CT-002-S and CT-002-T series current monitors. These current transformers are designed to measure current transients in applications similar to those of the Tektronix CT current transformers. With a wider bandwidth and higher saturation point, ESDEMC’s current monitors can be used in even higher and lower-frequency applications as well as higher-current applications. The CT-002-S series transformers use SMA connections and allow for higher-frequency applications than the through-hole transformers of the CT-002-T series. Currently, the CT-002-S series consists of the CT-002-0p5 and the CT-002-0p2. The CT-002-T series consists of the CT-002-T-0p5.

Below is a table comparing ESDEMC’s current transformers to the competing Tektronix current transformers.

  Bandwidth Transfer Impedance Current-Time Product
ESDEMC CT-002-S-0p2 400 Hz – 2 GHz 0.2 V/A 200 A-µs
ESDEMC CT-002-S-0p5 1 kHz – 4 GHz 0.5 V/A 75 A-µs
ESDEMC CT-002-T-0p5 1 kHz – 2 GHz 0.5 V/A 75 A-µs
Company T Model 1 25 kHz – 1 GHz 5.0 V/A 1 A-µs
Company T Model 2 1.2 kHz – 200 MHz 1.0 V/A 50 A-µs

It should be noted that ESDEMC can customize current monitors to meet specific specifications.