The Revolutionary ES620 Compact Pulsed IV-Curve System is Ready ! (TLP, VF-TLP, HMM, HBM, LV-Surge,etc…)

Our Most Revolutionary ES620 Compact Pulsed IV-Curve System !

We redesign and redefine a new TLP system. The improvements of the specification, scalability, and efficiency is so much that the new system deserves to be the beginning of affordable, compact and versatile pulsed IV-curve and failure analysis system (Not just TLP, but expandable for a comprehensive pulse failure analysis system). The code zero of the ES620 means the new beginning.


1. An ultra-compact system that you can pack and flight with our ES620 system for field failure analysis!

2. Even with smaller chassis, it still delivers superior specification (VF-TLP down to 60 ps rise-time or TLP up to 100 A ESD current injection level ! Enough to rival with any competitions in the market)

3. Our system always fits your budget and schedule with an entry-level system (25A model) starts from 60 K USD / 3 weeks lead time.

4. Unlimited possibility with great extension capability (HMM, HBM, EFT, LV-Surge, etc… modules optionally available, programmable pulse width and rise-time available)

5. Great integration compatibility, the system supports hundreds of IVI instruments on-the-fly!

6. Free technical consulting and supports (We help you with your difficulty, suggest the best solution for your application)