Coming Soon: TVS-10G+ and TVS-15G Transient Voltage Suppressors

ESDEMC Technology will soon be releasing its new TVS oscilloscope protectors, which improve upon the existing TVS-10G model. With an even more compact design, the new TVS-10G+ eliminates rising edge distortion on signals below the clamping voltage. This along with faster clamping allows for both an improvement in signal integrity and oscilloscope protection. The new TVS-15G, also using the updated enclosure, now extends the functional bandwidth to 15GHz.

Below is a table comparing the specs of the old TVS-10G to new TVS-10G+ and TVS-15G.

  TVS-10G TVS-10G+ TVS-15G
V breakdown Min (V)  6.5 7.5 6.2
V breakdown Max (V) 7.3 11 7.5
TLP Dynamic Resistance 4 – 16A (Ohm) 1 0.45 1.2
IEC ESD level – CD (kV) 20 10 12
IEC ESD level – AD (kV) 20 15 18
Ipp Surge 8/20us (A) 3.6 4.5 2.0
Waveform distortion before breakdown Yes No Yes

Below is the frequency response (insertion loss) for each of ESDEMC’s TVS oscilloscope protectors.