Coming Soon: HVRF-XN Series High Voltage Rise Time Filters

ESDEMC is releasing a line of high voltage rise time filters with the HVRF-XN series. These filters are typically used to set the rise time in standard TLP measurements, but they may also be used in other low or high voltage pulse-shaping applications. The standard models offered by ESDEMC are the HVRF-10N, HVRF-10N, HVRF-20N, HVRF-50N, HVRF-100N, HVRF-200N, HVRF-500N, HVRF-1000N, and HVRF-1200N which correspond to rise time values of 10 ns, 20 ns, 50 ns, 100 ns, 200 ns, 500 ns, 1 μs, and 1.2 μs, respectively. Other rise time values may be made available upon request. All filters have 3 kV pulse handling and high reflection rejection.