Coming soon: ES650 Robotic Automated Test System

ESDEMC is rolling out the new ES650 Robotic Automated Test System. This product can be added to any of ESDEMC’s existing 2-pin test systems, allowing for further automation. Compatible ESDEMC systems include TLP, vf-TLP, HBM, HMM, MM, LVS, EOS, CC-TLP, and more. This is a low-parasitic test structure, and it is possible to mount the current probe close to the DUT for more accurate transient current measurements.

Similar to the ES640 CDM, dimensions of the ES650 can be customized to meet many DUT size requirements. Any number of DUT pins can be tested. The same high-resolution cameras and motion control are offered with the ES650 system as well. Additionally, probe contact detection is used for probe tip protection.