Coming Soon: CDM Solution with Multiple Methods, Better Motion, Larger Area, and Wider Bandwidth

ESDEMC will soon be releasing newly developed robotic Charged Device Model (CDM) solutions with the ES640 series. It supports  multiple popular CDM methods, Including widely used FI-CDM Methods (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-002-2018, AEC Q100-011D, AEC Q101-005A), several contact first methods designed for low voltage CDM, such as LI-CCDM(ANSI/ESD SP5.3.3-2018), CC-TLP methods(upcoming SP), as well as our patent-pending RP-CCDM method, which is a more repeatable solution of performing FI-CDM in contact first method.

The advanced motion control of model ES640 allows testing of for modular, packaged and possible wafer level CDM  devices with XYZ steps down to 1 µm. The solution also features a large test area (150 x 150 and 300 x 300 mm). Both models offer plenty of space for common devices under test. Customization of the test area is also available for special purpose upon request.

The measurement bandwidth of ES640 is greatly improved with DSP. The frequency compensation of the measurement chain, including the disc resistor, cable, attenuator, and measurement channel adapter, can allow the system measurement bandwidth to be over 18 GHz.

Model ES640 has a precision voltage control range from ±5V to ±2000V/4000V, and up to three cameras can be enabled in the test setup for easier user operation (two cameras viewing the contact tip in X & Y directions and another one straight facing down for vertical alignment).

The software allows for automatic waveform capture, automatic system calibration, frequency compensation for processing waveform data, and test speed optimization while supporting a variety of CDM test methods. Old legacy and special customized CDM methods are available upon request.

Please feel free to contact us at where we could provide more information about our system including comparison of some important features and specifications between our new solution and other popular CDM solutions in the market for potential customers.

ESDEMC ES640 CDM Solution with Multiple Methods, Better Motion, and Higher Bandwidth for Charged Device Model ESD Test