ES614 ESD Air Discharge Workstation is Ready !!


The ES614 Series ESD Air Discharge Work Station is ready as a product now ! Please visit the product page or download the pdf datasheet .


The Objective:

The air discharge ESD test and measurement has been a tough but inconsistent task due to the difficulty of holding the ESD simulator gun and zap at same spot, the inconsistency of the ESD discharge waveforms generated by different ESD guns designs.  The loosely controlled of IEC and ISO standard did not specify the air discharge waveform parameters. The air discharge waveform is a function of many parameters such as the ESD gun physical structure, the gun approaching speed, angle and path, the test environment temperature, humidity. All these parameters vary the arch length and ESD zap location of the device under test.


Our Current Development:

ES614 Series ESD Simulator Air Discharge Approaching Speed Controller is a digital controlled linear guide way system developed to control the ESD simulator approaching speed and travel path for the air discharge tests and calibration. This instrument can greatly improve the air discharge test consistency in terms of the approaching speed and travel path. It also has a temperature and humidity sensor to record the environment parameters.

A short video our Alpha version of the approaching speed controlled ESD air discharge test for touch panel module is shown in the video below.


What is coming along :

We are adding panel display and remote LabVIEW based software so the air discharge test can be fully automated for best consistency.  Because air discharge are influenced by barometric pressure, humidity,  and temperature. Those factors should be documented for best consistency. Those parameters will be monitored and automatically reported in the final system design.



  • ESD Simulator Air Discharge Approaching Speed Control
  • Automated ESD Simulator Air Discharge with Remote Control
  • ESD Simulator Air Discharge Waveform Calibration


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Wei (Wayne) Huang
CEO and Chief Design Engineer