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Current Openings (Updated 2021 09):

1. RF Design Engineer


RF Hardware Engineer is responsible for designing, prototyping, evaluating and testing high voltage and high frequency hardware, including RF analog & digital electronic circuits.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (include but are not limited to)

  1. Research electronic device usability based on hardware specifications and customer requirements
  2.  Design, simulate, optimize, and prototype radio frequency (RF) circuits, inter and intro system signal integrity, improve analog & digital (A & D) electronic circuits and high voltage (HV) circuits
  3. Make modifications and improvements on the performance of electronic devices of current products using electrical and mechanical tools
  4. Test electronic circuits to ensure compliance with internal design goal, write test scripts and performance analysis codes per customer requirements
  5. Maintain and operate common electronic device instruments (high speed real-time oscilloscope, high frequency digital sampling oscilloscope, wide-band signal generators, network analyzer, impedance analyzer, spectrum analyzer, time domain reflectometer, LCR meter)
  6. Troubleshoot hardware electronic devices and process failure analysis
  7. Provide hardware technical support for internal group and customers
  8. Prepare and update hardware data sheets and assembly notes for the internal group


  • Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or in a closely related field plus minimum 6 months of experience involving ESD, HV and RF circuits
  • Proficiency in computer-aided (CAD) design tools: FreeCAD, LTSpice, and KiCAD
  • Programming skills in Python, MATLAB/Octave
2. Hardware Engineer
· Working with hardware team on designs from concept, prototype to production.
· Maintain design files and documents, tech supports for products with customers.
· Manage small batch production and inspection of new products with China office team.
· Any other necessary duties assigned by Executive Director. 
· BS or MS degree in Electrical or Computer engineering is preferred.
· Good knowledge and experience with general circuit & high-speed system design
· Know some programing language such as Python, C· Experience with EDA tools such as Altium Designer, Circuit Studio, KiCAD, LTSpice, etc.
· Ability to communicate effectively with other design team members.
· Ability to operate instruments, including oscilloscope, network analyzer, LCR, multi-meter, etc.
· Have good technician skill in hardware prototype, such as SMD soldering, drilling, etc.
· Good at drawing, documentation, and management for multi-tasks.
· Multiple languages (Chinese, Korea, etc.,) is a plus.
3. Application Engineer
. Work with design group from concept to product, maintain design and production documents
. Demo and promote solutions internally and externally
. Tech supports for products with existing customers
. Write patents to protect design and paper for publication
Write datasheets, application note and manual
. Manage relationship with customers and sales representatives. 
· BS or MS degree in Electrical engineering or computer engineering
· Ability to operate instrument equipment is preferred, including power supplies, multi-meter, high speed oscilloscope, network analyzer, TDR, LCR meter, spectrum analyzer, etc.
· Excellent knowledge and experience with several types of programing language is preferred, such as Python, C, C++.
· Knowledge and experience with RF and microwave designs· Experience with popular design tools is preferred
· Ability to communicate effectively with other design team members.· Have good hands-on skill in prototype such as soldering, drilling, etc.
· Good at writing/drawing/documentation skills for datasheets and manual writing, and well-organized management skill for multi-tasks between projects