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Coming soon: ES650 Robotic Automated Test System

ESDEMC is rolling out the new ES650 Robotic Automated Test System. This product can be added to any of ESDEMC’s existing 2-pin test systems, allowing for further automation. Compatible ESDEMC systems include TLP, vf-TLP, HBM, HMM, MM, LVS, EOS, CC-TLP, and more. This is a low-parasitic test structure, and it is possible to mount the current probe close to the DUT for more accurate transient current measurements.

Similar to the ES640 CDM, dimensions of the ES650 can be customized to meet many DUT size requirements. Any number of DUT pins can be tested. The same high-resolution cameras and motion control are offered with the ES650 system as well. Additionally, probe contact detection is used for probe tip protection.




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Coming soon: ES622 Pulsed IV Curve System

ESDEMC Technology will soon be releasing the ES622 Pulsed IV Curve System. This new system will be the eventual replacement of the ES620 Pulsed IV Curve System. Like the existing ES620, the ES622 provides a convenient means for testing DUTs under various pulse conditions. Transient data, IV curve data, and leakage data can all be captured and displayed with these systems. Control of up to 3 bias sources is also possible.

The ES622 Python-based software offers a cleaner more user-friendly experience than the LabView-based ES620. The new software platform also allows for requested features and changes to be implemented with much quicker turnaround times.

The ES622 supports even more TLP rise times and pulse widths than before, and measures have been taken to offer greater output voltage accuracy. This new system also has faster test speeds compared to the older ES620. The ES622 supports more pulser types than the ES620, and the simpler software platform will allow for even more pulsers to be added in the future. TLP, vf-TLP, EOS, HBM, HMM, MM, EFT and surge are among the pulser types that will be supported by the ES622.

Device testing will be made even easier through automatic device probing, which will be offered after the first ES622 release.

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Coming soon: ESDEMC Technology’s CCTLP Solution

A capacitively-coupled transmission line pulser, or CC-TLP, allows a user to generate CDM-like pulses with greater control and repeatability than standard JS-002 CDM testers, and it is done so with a vf-TLP rather than a CDM tester. A CC-TLP probe fixture and a vf-TLP setup are all that is needed to study a device’s response to CDM stress. The typical vf-TLP pulse setting for this application is typically a pulse width and rise time of 1ns and 100ps, respectively.

ESDEMC Technology will soon be releasing its CC-TLP probing solution as an add-on to the existing vf-TLP solutions. Special software support will be included. The CC-TLP solution will eventually offer options of automatic calibration and device probing, which is the first on the market. Calibration and probing can also be performed manually using the tilt-adjustment knobs and the micropositioners to which the CC-TLP probing head easily mounts.

Below is a plot that shows a transient data comparison between ESDEMC’s CDM, RP-CCDM, and CCTLP.

ESDEMC Technology’s CCTLP Solution
ESDEMC Technology’s CCTLP Solution

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Coming Soon: HVRF-XN Series High Voltage Rise Time Filters

ESDEMC is releasing a line of high voltage rise time filters with the HVRF-XN series. These filters are typically used to set the rise time in standard TLP measurements, but they may also be used in other low or high voltage pulse-shaping applications. The standard models offered by ESDEMC are the HVRF-10N, HVRF-10N, HVRF-20N, HVRF-50N, HVRF-100N, HVRF-200N, HVRF-500N, HVRF-1000N, and HVRF-1200N which correspond to rise time values of 10 ns, 20 ns, 50 ns, 100 ns, 200 ns, 500 ns, 1 μs, and 1.2 μs, respectively. Other rise time values may be made available upon request. All filters have 3 kV pulse handling and high reflection rejection.

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Coming Soon: HVAT-3K20-1G22E High Energy Pulse Wideband Attenuator

ESDEMC is expanding their high voltage pulse attenuator selection with the HVAT-3K20-1G22E as higher energy attenuator solution. Although the bandwidth does not extend as far as other ESDEMC attenuators, the HVAT-3K20-1G22E is functional from DC – 1GHz (<±1 dB attenuation variation). Below is a table comparing the specifications of the HVAT-3K20-1G22E to other 20 dB high voltage pulse attenuators on the market.

  Bandwidth Tested Max Voltage @ Pulse Width Peak Power
(Within SOA*)
Max Single Pulse Energy Connectors Attenuation




DC – 1 GHz (1 dB Band)

3 kV, 1 ms

5 kV, 1 us

180 kW 200 J N-Type 20 dB




DC – 3.5 GHz (1 dB Band) 3 kV, 500 ns 180 kW 0.1 J SMA 20 dB




DC – 3.5 GHz (1 dB Band)

5 kV, 500 ns 500 kW 0.5 J N-Type 20 dB




DC – 7 GHz (3 dB Band) 1.5 kV, 1 us 45 kW NA SMA 20 dB


Model 102 Series


DC – 7 GHz (3 dB Band)

5 kV, 80 ns 500 kW NA N-Type 20 dB

Below is the frequency response of the HVAT-3K20-1G22E. It should be noted that ESDEMC can customize attenuation values.HVAT-3K20-1G22E High Energy Pulse Wideband Attenuator

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New Release: CT-002 Series Wideband Current Probes

ESDEMC Technology is releasing a line of current transformers with the latest releases being the CT-002-S and CT-002-T series current monitors. These current transformers are designed to measure current transients in applications similar to those of the Tektronix CT current transformers. With a wider bandwidth and higher saturation point, ESDEMC’s current monitors can be used in even higher and lower-frequency applications as well as higher-current applications. The CT-002-S series transformers use SMA connections and allow for higher-frequency applications than the through-hole transformers of the CT-002-T series. Currently, the CT-002-S series consists of the CT-002-0p5 and the CT-002-0p2. The CT-002-T series consists of the CT-002-T-0p5.

Below is a table comparing ESDEMC’s current transformers to the competing Tektronix current transformers.

  Bandwidth Transfer Impedance Current-Time Product
ESDEMC CT-002-S-0p2 400 Hz – 2 GHz 0.2 V/A 200 A-µs
ESDEMC CT-002-S-0p5 1 kHz – 4 GHz 0.5 V/A 75 A-µs
ESDEMC CT-002-T-0p5 1 kHz – 2 GHz 0.5 V/A 75 A-µs
Company T Model 1 25 kHz – 1 GHz 5.0 V/A 1 A-µs
Company T Model 2 1.2 kHz – 200 MHz 1.0 V/A 50 A-µs

It should be noted that ESDEMC can customize current monitors to meet specific specifications.

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ESDEMC will attend 2019 EMC+SIPI Symposium (New Orleans, LA, USA, Jul 22nd – 26th)

ESDEMC will attend 2019 EMC+SIPI Symposium (New Orleans, LA, USA, Jul 22nd – 26th)


Exhibit Location:

New Orleans Ernst N. Morial Convention Center

900 Convention Center Blvd

New Orleans, LA 70130

Exhibit Hours:

  • Tuesday, July 23, 2019: between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm*
  • Wednesday, July 24, 2019: between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm*
  • Thursday, July 25, 2019: between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm*

Our 2019 New Developments includes:

CT-001-B001 Broadband Current Transformer

LISN-C01 Unbalanced 2/3 Wire VHF LISN

LISN-C16-50-10 DC LISN

EM602-10 mini TEM cell

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