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ES640 Charged Device Model (CDM) Solution

Support All Popular CDM Test Methods

Advanced Motion and Chamber Design

Ultrawide Measurement Bandwidth

Clear Vision with 3 HD Cameras

Fast and accurate motion with 1um step in large and customizable charge plate
Airtight chamber with faster drying, lower drying cost, and better test repeatability

Air Discharge Methods: ANSI/ESD/JEDEC JS-002-2018, AEC Q100-011 Rev-D, Q101-005 Rev-A
Contact First Methods: LI-CCDM, CC-TLP, RP-CCDM with enhanced low voltage repeatability
Legacy and customized CDM, CBM solution available

18+ GHz calibrated measurement path with DSP bandwidth improvement

Model ES620 Compact Pulsed IV-Curve System
(TLP, vf-TLP, HMM, HBM, LV-Surge Solutions)

Superior Performance with Multiple Solutions

vf-TLP with 50 ps rise-time, 500 ps pulse-width
TLP with up to 100A current injection
HMM up to 24 kV IEC Equivalent
HBM up to 8 kV
LVS up to 250 A for 8/20 and 10/1000 us

Customizable and Expandable

Customer-defined rise-time and pulse-width options for TLP/vf-TLP
Expandable with HMM, HBM, LVS functions

Wide Compatibility

Supports many types of oscilloscope, SMU and DCPS.

Upgradable Software

Long-term upgradeable software

es62x-lvs second edition
ES62X-LVS Low Voltage Surge System

·Maximum 250A current output(8/20µs)
·Maximum 50A current output(10/1000µs)
·Meets IEC 61000-4-5 Standard
·Meets GR-1089-CORE standard
·Meets C62.45-2002 IEEE standard

eos-500 second edition
EOS-500 Electrical Overstress Simulator

·Output Voltage up to 500V
·100ns to 1ms digitally adjustable Pulse Width
·Up to 100,000 pulses per second
·Less than 10ns rise time
·50 Ohm output Impedance

TVS-15G Transient Voltage Suppressor

· Functional for a wide bandwidth (DC – 15 GHz)
· Clamps high frequency, high voltage transients to between ±2 V and ±7.5 V
· Useful for IEC 61000-4-2 contact and air discharge up to ±12 kV and ±18 kV, respectively
· Matched to 50 Ω system
· Insertion loss at 15 GHz approximately 0.8 dB
· Return loss at 1 GHz less than 30 dB

612 esd tester

·HBM Test up to 20kV
·HMM Test up to 24kV
·MM Test up to 1kV
·Large Touch Panel Control
·User Friendly for Probing Setup
·Great Expansion Capability

TLP-1000 Transmission Line Pulse Generator

·Most configurable TLP Pulse Generator
·5-inch Touch Screen
·High quality TLP pulses
·Expandable with ESD injection fixtures, Standard TLP, VF-TLP, etc.
·Customization is available

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